Mark Michalski

Mark Michalski George Washington University
Institute :
George Washington University
Adjunct Professor
United Kingdom

Dr. Michalski has 30+ years of broad experience working as a consultant and professor/trainer for prestigious institutions, including the World Bank Consultant (IBRD), the IMF Visiting Scholar, the European Union (EU), and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the United Nations (UNDP), and many academic institutions. Examples of key areas include strategic management, entrepreneurial marketing, banking and finance, and marketing with an emphasis on emerging markets. Some highlights of his career include:

  • Adjunct Professor at George Washington Univ. in Washington, DC (2018-on); and UMGC, in Maryland (2011-2019).

  • Instructor on World Bank Procurement, Cost Control, Disbursement, Management and Reforms (1989 - on).

  • Visiting Scholar on financial crises in lending, financial repression, liberalization, and growth. IMF HQ, Washington DC (2018).

  • Financial and Disbursement Consultant in the US, Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Jordan, Egypt for the World Bank and American Training Initiatives (1991-2009), the EBRD (1994), the EU (1997) and the UNDP (1998).

  • Editor in Chief (2014 – on) of Business and Public Administration Studies,