Dr. Saleh Mubarak

Dr. Saleh Mubarak
United States

His career has been very interesting and panoramic. Dr. Saleh Mubarak started as a civil engineer, switched to structural design, then project / construction management. Between academics and industry, his professional career spans over 23 years. In addition to his academic work (teaching and research), he worked in the construction industry; the private and public sectors, and also as a private consultant. He wrote two popular books (Construction Project Scheduling & Control) and (How to Estimate with RS Means Data and CostWorks). He is active in teaching seminars and workshops. He is getting more and more interested in "life management" including many related soft skills, particularly Emotional Intelligence.

Dr. Saleh’s philosophy in life is: In order to be successful, you need to balance the need of your body, mind, and soul. You also need to love what you do. He is enjoying what he does and feels fulfilled. His joy is to make a positive impact on others.