Peter O'Donoghue

Peter O'Donoghue Predictable Pipeline
Institute :
Predictable Pipeline
United Kingdom

Peter is the CEO and lead Consultant at Predictable Pipeline based in the UK and operating with clients globally.  He holds an MBA with Distinction from Cardiff Business School with specialities in Ecommerce and Buyer Behaviour and a Dissertation examining the impact of New Product Development (NPD) methodologies when applied to the sales process.

Prior to 2018, Peter worked with both Technology and Consulting companies. 2018 ushered in a new focus to work solely with Consulting companies. Peter explains:

“I loved working with technology companies like EMC, Newvoicemedia and Epicor as well as high growth Software as a Service companies but my passion is helping Consulting and service based businesses create predictable pipelines of revenue opportunities. When I take the best approaches that have worked in technology companies and apply them to service based companies the results are phenomenal.”