Our Speakers

Julie  Hutchison
Institute: Think Be Do Leadership
Nationality :United Kingdom:
Julie Hutchison is the UK’s leading Impact & Leadership Coach for Managers and Senior Leaders in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths).
 Her extensive background in practical leadership gives her a great experience.. Read more...
Mark Michalski
Institute: George Washington University
Nationality :United Kingdom:
Dr. Michalski has 30+ years of broad experience working as a consultant and professor/trainer for prestigious institutions, including the World Bank Consultant (IBRD), the IMF Visiting Scholar, the European Union (EU), and European Bank for Reconstru.. Read more...
Gilles  Hilary
Institute: Georgetown University
Nationality :United Kingdom:
Gilles Hilary is a Chaired Professor of Accounting and Control. He is the current Accounting and Business Law Area Coordinator at the McDonough School of Business. He has been a faculty member at Georgetown University since 2016. Before joining Georg.. Read more...
Dr. Saleh Mubarak
Nationality :United States:
His career has been very interesting and panoramic. Dr. Saleh Mubarak started as a civil engineer, switched to structural design, then project / construction management. Between academics and industry, his professional career spans over 23 years. In .. Read more...
Peter O'Donoghue
Institute: Predictable Pipeline
City :Unit 8, 24 Norbury Rd, Cardiff, UK:
Nationality :United Kingdom:
Peter is the CEO and lead Consultant at Predictable Pipeline based in the UK and operating with clients globally.  He holds an MBA with Distinction from Cardiff Business School with specialities in Ecommerce and Buyer Behaviour and a Dissertatio.. Read more...